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Illustration of WASP-43b .

Digital Sky Survey 2

Name: WASP-43b

WASP-43b was first flagged as a candidate planet by the WASP-South part of the planet-searching SuperWASPproject between January and May 2009.

Follow-up observations made using the CORALIE spectrographat La Silla Observatory in Chile confirmed its existence in 2011. The follow-up observations also provided information about the planet's physical characteristics and orbit.

WASP-43b is an exoplanet known as a 'Hot Jupiter’; it’s a similar size to Jupiter, but twice the mass. The planet orbits around a young, active, and low-mass K-type star called WASP-43, 284 light years away in the constellation Sextans.

At the time of its discovery, WASP-43b had the second-shortest orbit (or “year”) ever detected at approximately 0.8 days (19.2 hours). In addition, at the time of discovery, WASP-43b orbited closer to its star than any other Hot Jupiter known, likely due to its host star's low mass.

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