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Illustration of TrES-3b .

Digital Sky Survey 2

Name: TrES-3b

TrES-3b was discovered by the Trans-atlantic Exoplanet Survey (TrES) network. The discovery observations were taken between May 6, 2006 and August 2, 2006 by two 10-cm telescopes but it was also found in observations taken by the Hungarian Automated Telescope Network in 2005. The orbital period was measured to be just 31 hours making it one of shortest orbital periods known at the time.

TrES-3b orbits the star TrES-3 (also known as GSC 03089-00929). The star is yellowish star of spectral type G with a mass slightly less than the Sun.

It can be found in the constellation of Hercules and is around 10 degrees away from the bright star Vega.

There are 115 images to be analysed in this set

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