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Illustration of Qatar-1b .

Digital Sky Survey 2

Name: Qatar-1b

Qatar-1b was the first planet discovered by the Alsubai Project exoplanet transit survey. The discovery observations were taken between June and September 2010 using four 400mm f/2.8 camera systems based in New Mexico. The dip in the lightcurve was found by analysis software at the University of St Andrews, Scotland. The discovery was announced in December 2010.

Qatar-1b orbits the star Qatar-1 (also known as 3UC311-087990 and USNO-B1.0 1551-00215396) every 34 hours which, at the time of its discovery, made it one of the shortest-period planets found orbiting a star less massive than the Sun. The star is a metal-rich dwarf star of spectral type K. It can be found in the northern constellation of Draco (The Dragon).

There are 130 images to be analysed in this set

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